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Gold Package

Ultimate Luxurious Spa Care Treatment

  • 3 hours
  • 349 British pounds

Service Description

This service includes: -A two part internal system flush (Part one degreases internal pipework and pumps, part 2 descales internal parts) -Pack inspection -Cover lifter inspection -Cover restoration and vinyl protector -Inspect Ozone (if applicable) -Descale Ozone ( if applicable) -Mechanical pump inspection -Deep chemical filter cleanse -Interior and exterior clean -Full internal water drain -Refill with full chemical balance -Full chemical test -Service Report Please note that your spa should be full and preferably heated prior to our engineer's arrival. Any faulty parts needed or suggested during the service are not included with the price. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that all sides are accessible for panel removal for the engineer to perform the service in addition to any decking or objects which restricts access to the spa. If the spa is fully sunk or has any surrounds fitted e.g. Gazebo/Pergola, the engineer will perform on only what is accessible.

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